Types of Tours


First of all, let us emphasize that it's a point of pride to us that we never give the same tour twice. Any tour is an unique interaction between the guide, the guests, and the city. Still, that said, here's some information about the kind of tours we routinely offer. Do keep in mind, though, that most of the time the actual tour will mix bits of all these themes in to the itinerary.

These are primarily designed as walking tours, though sometimes we may jump on public transport in order to whisk us along to another destination. For those who wish, though, we can also provide car service.

All our tours are a minimum of 2 hours, but can be as long as you like. We only do privately booked tours, exclusively for those guests who booked it. At the moment, we do not do any sort of regularly scheduled tours for which people can just show up.

The Castle District

The most obvious choice is the medieval fortress town of Buda perched on Castle Hill over the Danube. The trip includes highlights like the Matthias Church, The Fishermens' Bastion, and the Royal Palace.

The Jewish Quarter


Our most popular tour. This may have to do with the fact the quarter does not easily reveal itself, even with the help of a guide book. The quarter is Budapest's most dynamic neighborhood going through a dramatic revitalization. At the same time it is home to one of the continent's oldest surviving Jewish communities.

Downtown Pest and Andrássy ut

This tour is often linked in with the Jewish Quarter, as the two districts lie adjacent to one another. You will see monuments like the Basilica and the Opera, and also explore the courtyard life of Turn of the Century Pest.

And we also have topical tours...

Art Nouveau Architecture

Budapest fully embraced archietectural freedom at the fin de siecle. The style was called Secessionism, but was also characterized by a search for a National Style, at the same time employing exotic motifs and magnificent materials like Zsolnay pyrogranite ceramics.


The heroic Hungarian Revolution of 1956 is a favorite for history buffs. We visit the locations where the Revolution broke out: at Parliament and then the Radio. We see crucial battle points like Corvin Movie Theater and the Ganz Electrical Works. The tour also includes the controversial Terror Museum and the site of Imre Nagy's dramatic reburial.

And some very special tours that we do...

Jewish Experience in Hungary

This tour is much more in depth than just the Jewish Quarter, and can include a Kosher meal and Klezmer Music as well. We visit other sites of importance to the Hungarian Jewish community, including the magnificent and heart-breaking old Jewish Cemetary, and the site of the original medieval community up in Buda Castle.

Family Heritage Tours

People whose ancestors emigrated from Hungary often ask us to specifically craft a tour to take them to the towns where their forebears came from. We can also do advance research to prepare for viewing municipal documents related to the family's heritage. The tour often includes visiting cemetaries, churches, synagogues, and old family addresses.

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